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Prioritizing development policy research in Egypt: An innovative approach to inform IFPRI’s Egypt Strategy Support Program Fatma Abdelaziz Perrihan Al-Riffai Clemens Breisinger Paul A. Dorosh Olivier Ecker Hagar El-Didi Hoda El-Enbaby Jose Luis Figueroa Laila Kenawy Jef L. Leroy Nicholas Minot David J. Spielman Jean-François Trinh Tan Xiaobo Zhang
Did right-to-work laws impact income inequality?
Evidence from U.S. states using the Synthetic Control Method
Jeffrey L. Jordan Aparna Mathur Abdul Munasib Devesh Roy
A qualitative study of factors influencing initiation and adherence to micronutrient supplementation among women of reproductive age in Vietnam
Meredith Nechitilo Phuong H. Nguyen Aimee Webb-Girard Ines Conzalez-Casanova Reynaldo Martorell Ann DiGirolamo Usha Ramakrishnan
Contracting by small farmers in commodities with export potential
Contracting by small farmers in commodities with export potential: Assessing farm profits of lentil growers in Nepal Anjani Kumar Devesh Roy Gaurav Tripathi Pramod Kumar Joshi Rajendra Prasad Adhikari
Rent Dispersion in the US Agricultural Insurance Industry
Rent Dispersion in the US Agricultural Insurance Industry Vincent H. Smith Joseph Glauber Robert Dismukes
Anchoring Bias in Recall Data: Evidence from Central America
Anchoring bias in recall data: Evidence from Central America Susan Godlonton Manuel A. Hernandez Mike Murphy
Drivers of nutritional change in four South Asian countries
A dynamic observational analysis
Derek D. Headey John F. Hoddinott Seollee Park
Stop Stunting in South Asia Victor M. Aguayo, ed. Purnima Menon, ed.
Estimating the cost of delivering direct nutrition interventions at scale
National and subnational level insights from India
Purnima Menon Christine M. McDonald Suman Chakrabarti
Reducing stunting in India: What investments are needed? Rasmi Avula Neha Raykar Purnima Menon Ramanan Laxminarayan