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Kenya agricultural development status assessment Samuel Benin Namukolo M. Covic Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly Ismaël Fofana Jawoo Koo Nicholas Minot Sunday Odjo Fousseini Traore Fleur Stephanie Wouterse
The impact of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme on the nutritional status of children: 2008–2012 Guush Berhane John F. Hoddinott Neha Kumar
Agricultural ecosystems and their services: The vanguard of sustainability? Fabrice DeClerck S.K. Jones S. Attwood Deborah Bossio E. Girvetz B. Chaplin-Kramer E. Enfors A.K. Fremier L.J. Gordon F. Kizito I. Lopez Noriega Nathanial Matthews Matthew McCartney M. Meacham Andrew Noble M. Quintero Roseline Remans Richard Soppe L. Willemen S. L. R. Wood Wei Zhang
Women's empowerment in agriculture: Implications for technical efficiency in rural Bangladesh Gregory Seymour
Food versus fuel: examining tradeoffs in the allocation of biomass energy sources to domestic and productive uses in Ethiopia Dawit Kelemework Mekonnen Elizabeth Bryan Tekie Alemu Claudia Ringler
Pulses for food and nutritional security: The technology perspective Devesh Roy Avinash Kishore Pramod Kumar Joshi B. Mishra
Changes in Underlying Determinants Explain Rapid Increases in Child Linear Growth in Alive & Thrive Study Areas between 2010 and 2014 in Bangladesh and Vietnam Phuong Hong Nguyen Derek D. Headey Edward A. Frongillo Lan Mai Tran Rahul Rawat Marie T. Ruel Purnima Menon
From “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”: Necessity, prospect, and challenges Shang-Jin Wei Zhuan Xie Xiaobo Zhang
An assessment of the livestock economy in mixed crop-livestock production systems in Ethiopia Asfaw Negassa Fantu Nisrane Bachewe Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse Mekdim Dereje
Toward an understanding of economic growth in Africa: A reinterpretation of the Lewis model Xinshen Diao Margaret S. McMillan