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Supermarkets in Malyasia's food supply chain
Influence on traditional supply chain and implications for contract farmers
Denise Chin
Do farmers value rice varieties tolerant to droughts and floods? Evidence from a discrete choice experiment in Odisha, India Anchal Arora Sangeeta Bansal Patrick S. Ward
Lost in translation: the fractured conversation about trade and food security Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Who is poor this year? Understanding fluctuations in poverty status in three Chinese villages Yumei Zhang Mateusz Filipski Kevin Z. Chen Xinshen Diao
Demand for Complementary Financial and Technological Tools for Managing Drought Risk: Evidence from Rice Farmers in Bangladesh Patrick S. Ward David J. Spielman David L. Ortega Neha Kumar Sumedha Minocha
Food safety management and regulation: International experiences and lessons for China Laurian J. Unnevehr Vivian Hoffman
Adoption of farm mechanization, cropland expansion, and intensification in Ghana Nazaire Houssou Anthony Chapoto
Interpreting results from using bio-economic modeling for global and regional ex ante impact assessment Bernado Creamer Dolapo Enahoro Ulrich Kleinwechter Sika Gbegbelegbe Guy Hareau Nedumaran Swamikannu Signe Nelgen Roberto Telleria Keith D. Wiebe
Is more inclusive more effective? The ‘New Style’ public distribution system in India Avinash Kishore Suman Chakrabarti
How would the Rogun Dam affect water and energy scarcity in Central Asia? Maksud Beckchanov Claudia Ringer Anik Bhaduri Marc Jeuland