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Transfers, behavior change communication, and intimate partner violence: Postprogram evidence from rural Bangladesh Shalini Roy Melissa Hidrobo John F. Hoddinott Akhter Ahmed
Improving diets and nutrition through an integrated poultry value chain and nutrition intervention (SELEVER) in Burkina Faso: Study protocol for a randomized trial Aulo Gelli Elodie Becquey Rasmane Ganaba Derek D. Headey Melissa Hidrobo Lieven Huybregts Hans Verhoef Romain Kenfack Sita Zongouri Hannah Guedenet
Gender asymmetries: Impacts of an early-stage school intervention in the Philippines Futoshi Yamauchi Yanyan Liu
The evolution of tractorization in India’s low-wage economy: Key patterns and implications Madhusudan Bhattarai Pramod Kumar Joshi R. S. Shekhawa Hiroyuki Takeshima
How can we better capture food away from home? Lessons from India’s linking person-level meal and household-level food data John L. Fiedler Suryakant Yadav
The case for structured markets in Malawi Bob Baulch Anderson Gondwe
Invest in small-scale irrigated agriculture: A national assessment on potential to expand small-scale irrigation in Nigeria Hua Xie Liangzhi [游良志] You Hiroyuki Takeshima
Shocks, social protection, and resilience: Evidence from Ethiopia Erwin Knippenberg John F. Hoddinott
Nourished: How Africa can build a future free from hunger and malnutrition Malabo Montpellier Panel
An assessment of the critical human, financial, and institutional capacity issues affecting West African agricultural R&D: Synthesis and policy considerations Nienke M. Beintema Gert-Jan Stads