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Democracy, decentralization, and district proliferation: The case of Ghana Danielle Resnick
Supermarket shopping and nutritional outcomes: A panel data analysis for urban Kenya Kathrin M. Demmler Olivier Ecker Matin Qaim
Why policies on trade and markets matter Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla Jonathan Hepburn
The impact of integrated prevention and treatment on child malnutrition and health: The PROMIS project, a randomized control trial in Burkina Faso and Mali Lieven Huybregts Elodie Becquey Amanda A. Zongrone Agnès Le Port Regina Khassanova Lazare Coulibaly Jef L. Leroy Rahul Rawat Marie T. Ruel
Smog in our brains: Gender differences in the impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance in China Xi Chen Xiaobo Zhang Xin Zhang
Local corruption and support for fuel subsidy reform: Evidence from Indonesia Jordan Kyle
Valuing air quality using happiness data: The case of China Xin Zhang Xiaobo Zhang Xi Chen
Existing data to measure African trade Cristina Mitaritonna Fousseini Traoré
Availability, production, and consumption of crops biofortified by plant breeding: Current evidence and future potential Amy Saltzman Ekin Birol Adewale Oparinde Meike S. Andersson Dorene Asare-Marfo Michael T. Diressie Carolina González Keith Lividini Mourad Moursi Manfred Zeller
Agriculture, food systems, and nutrition: Meeting the challenge Stuart Gillespie Mara van den Bold