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Local corruption and popular support for fuel subsidy reform in Indonesia Jordan Kyle
Distributional effects of agricultural infrastructure in developing countries: Large irrigation dams and drought mitigation in Nigeria Hiroyuki Takeshima
The devolution revolution: Implications for agricultural service delivery in Ghana Danielle Resnick
MSP hike: Not a viable policy option Pramod Kumar Joshi Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy
Assessment of the 2016/17 Food Insecurity Response Programme in Malawi Suresh Babu Andrew Comstock Bob Baulch Anderson Gondwe Cynthia Kazembe Kenan Kalagho Noora-Lisa Aberman Peixun Fang Overtoun Placido Mgemezulu Todd Benson
Youth migration and labour constraints in African agrarian households Valerie Mueller Cheryl Doss Agnes R. Quisumbing
How can organic rice be a boon to smallholders? Evidence from contract farming in India Ashok K. Mishra Anjani Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi Alwin D'Souzad
Does cooperative membership improve household welfare? Evidence from a panel data analysis of smallholder dairy farmers in Bihar, India Anjani Kumar Sunil Saroj Pramod Kumar Joshi Hiroyuki Takeshima
Understanding the role of rural non-farm enterprises in Africa’s economic transformation: Evidence from Tanzania Xinshen Diao Eduardo Magalhaes Margaret S. McMillan
Can contract farming in organic basmati rice be a boon to smallholders? Evidence from India Ashkok K. Mishra Anjani Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi Alwin D’Souza Gaurav Tripathi