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A question of integrity: Variants of Bt Cotton, pesticides and productivity in Pakistan
Xingliang Ma Melinda Smale David J. Spielman Patricia Zambrano Hina Nazli Fatima Zaidi
Adapting Fomento to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Kate Ambler Alan de Brauw Susan Godlonton
Are there nutrient-based poverty traps?
Evidence on iron deficiency and schooling attainment in Peru
Alberto Chong Isabelle Cohen Erica Field Eduardo Nakasone Máximo Torero
Promoting gender equality in irrigation
Promoting gender equality in irrigation Sophie Theis Simone Passarelli Elizabeth Bryan Nicole Lefore Seblewongle Deneke Ben Nyamadi Sophia Mlote
Achieving food security and industrial development in Malawi: Are export restrictions the solution? Emerta Aragie Karl Pauw Valentina Pernechele
Synopsis: Economy-wide impacts of the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) Mateusz Filipski J. Edward Taylor Getachew Ahmed Abegaz Tadele Ferede Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse Xinshen Diao
Highlights of the IFPRI and WFP partnership
Working together to ensure food and nutrition security
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Assessing the impact of food assistance on stigma among people living with HIV in Uganda using the HIV/AIDS Stigma Instrument-PLWA (HASI-P)
John A. Maluccio Fan Wu Redwan B. Rokon Rahul Rawat Suneetha Kadiyala
Radio messaging frequency, information framing, and consumer willingness to pay for biofortified iron beans
Evidence from revealed preference elicitation in rural Rwanda
Adewale Oparinde Ekin Birol Abdoul Murekezi Lister Katsvairo Michael T. Diressie Jean d'amour Nkundimana Louis Butare
There is an app for that?: The impact of community knowledge workers in Uganda
The impact of community knowledge workers in Uganda
Bjorn Van Campenhout