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The Financial Health Diaries: What do the Financial and Health Diaries tell us about decisions to renew in health insurance? Berber Kramer Wendy Janssens
The Financial and Health Diaries: Using diaries to improve a health insurance program to better meet health needs in rural Nigeria Berber Kramer Wendy Janssens
A model of reporting and controlling outbreaks by public health agencies Alexander E. Saak David A. Hennessy
Reconstructing annual groundwater storage changes in a large-scale irrigation region using GRACE data and Budyko model Yin Tang Milad Hooshyar Tingju Zhu Claudia Ringler Alexander Y. Sun Di Long Dingbao Wang
Tracking agricultural spending when government structures and accounting systems change: The case of Malawi Chance Mwabutwa Karl Pauw
Regional developments [in Chinese] Tsitsi Makombe Julia Collins Ousmane Badiane Clemens Breisinger Fatma Abdelaziz Nadim Khouri Kamiljon T. Akramov Allen Park Jarilkasin Ilyasov Anjani Kumar Akhter U. Ahmed Stephen Davies Pramod Kumar Joshi Kevin Z. Chen Peter Timmer David Dawe Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla Máximo Torero
Influences of early child nutritional status and home learning environment on child development in Vietnam Phuong H. Nguyen Ann M. DiGirolamo Ines Gonzalez-Casanova Melissa Young Nicole Kim Son Nguyen Reynaldo Martorell Usha Ramakrishnan
Returns to public agricultural spending in the cocoa and noncocoa subsectors of Ghana Samuel Benin
Factors influencing the productivity and efficiency of wheat farmers in Punjab, Pakistan George E. Battese Hina Nazli Melinda Smale
RiceAtlas, a spatial database of global rice calendars and production Alice G. Laborte Mary Anne Gutierrez Jane Girly Balanza Kazuki Saito Sander J. Zwart Mirco Boschetti M.V.R. Murty Lorena Villano Jorrel Khalil Aunario Russell Reinke Jawoo Koo Robert Hijmans Andrew Nelson