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Aspirations and the role of social protection: Evidence from economic shocks in rural Pakistan
Aspirations and the role of social protection: Evidence from economic shocks in rural Pakistan Katrina Kosec Cecilia Hyunjung Mo
Sustained effect of health insurance and facility quality improvement on blood pressure in adults with hypertension in Nigeria
A population-based study
Marleen E. Hendriks Nicole T.A. Rosendaal Ferdinand W. N. M. Wit Oladimeji A. Bolarinwa Berber Kramer Daniella Brals Emily Gustafsson-Wright Peju Adenusi Lizzy M. Brewster Gordon K. Osagbemi Tanimola M. Akande Constance Schultsz
Teams with moral hazard and non-verifiable quality assessment Alexander E. Saak
Pro-poor tax policy changes in South Africa
Potential and limitations
Ramos E. Mabugu Ismaël Fofana Margaret R. Chitiga-Mabugu
Incorporating agricultural management practices into the assessment of soil carbon change and life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of corn stover ethanol production Zhangcai Qin Christina E. Canter Jennifer B. Dunn Steffen Mueller Ho Young Kwon Jeongwoo Han Michelle M. Wander Michael Wang
Maize systems under climate change in sub-Saharan Africa
Potential impacts on production and food security
Kindie Tesfaye Sika Gbebgelegbe Jill E. Cairns Bekele Shiferaw Boddupalli Prasanna Kai Sonder Kenneth J. Boote Dan Makumbi Richard D. Robertson
Climate change and water
What can economics tell us?
Claudia Ringler Menaal Ebrahim
The relative influence of maternal nutritional status before and during pregnancy on birth outcomes in Vietnam Melissa F. Young Phuong Hong Nguyen O. Yaw Addo Wei Hao Hieu Nguyen Hoa Pham Reynaldo Martorell Usha Ramakrishnan
The patterns of patents in China Zhuan Xie Xiaobo Zhang
The effect of specialty coffee certification on household livelihood strategies and specialisation W. Vellema A. Buritica Casanova Carolina González M. D'Haese