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Intrahousehold empowerment gaps in agriculture and children's well-being in Bangladesh Hazel J. Malapit Esha Sraboni Agnes R. Quisumbing Akhter U. Ahmed
Farmers’ perceptions of crop pest severity in Nigeria are associated with landscape, agronomic and socio-economic factors Wei Zhang Edward Kato Felix Bianchi Prapti Bhandary Gerrit Gort Wopke van der Werf
What happens with household assets during economic collapse? The case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1975–2010) Wim Marivoet Tom De Herdt
The impact of food assistance on food insecure populations during conflict: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in Mali Jean-Pierre Tranchant Aulo Gelli Lilia Bliznashka Amadou Sekou Diallo Moussa Sacko Amidou Assima Elisabetta Aurino Edoardo Masset
Effects of n–3 long-chain PUFA supplementation to lactating mothers and their breastfed children on child growth and morbidity: A 2 × 2 factorial randomized controlled trial in rural Ethiopia Alemayehu Argaw Mekitie Wondafrash Kimberley P Bouckaert Patrick Kolsteren Carl Lachat Tefera Belachew Bruno De Meulenaer Lieven F. Huybregts
Linking agricultural investments to growth and poverty: An economywide approach applied to Mozambique Rui Benfica Benedito Cunguara James Thurlow
Playing games to save water: Collective action games for groundwater management in Andhra Pradesh, India Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Marco A. Janssen Sandeep Kandikuppa Rahul Chaturvedi Kaushalendra Rao Sophie Theis
Tubaramure, a food-assisted integrated health and nutrition program, reduces child stunting in Burundi: A cluster-randomized controlled intervention trial Jef L Leroy Deanna Olney Marie Ruel
Optimizing food-assistance programs: Food assistance improves child growth in Burundi International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
The impact of large-scale social protection interventions on grain prices in poor countries: Evidence from Ethiopia John F. Hoddinott David Stifel Kalle Hirvonen Bart Minten