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Agricultural intensification and fertilizer use Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Typology of agricultural productivity zones Bingxin Yu Zhe Guo
Introduction [In Agricultural productivity in Africa: Trends, patterns, and determinants] Samuel Benin Stanley Wood Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Factors influencing the effectiveness of productivity-enhancing interventions: an assessment of selected programs Joseph T. Karugia Stella Massawe Paul Guthiga Maurice Ogada Manson Nwafor Pius Chilonda Emmanuel Musaba
Intertemporal trends in agricultural productivity Samuel Benin Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Synopsis: Cities and agricultural transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia Joachim Vandercasteelen Seneshaw Tamru Bart Minten Johan Swinnen
Spatial patterns of agricultural productivity Stanley Wood Zhe Guo Ulrike Wood-Sichra
A question of integrity: Variants of Bt Cotton, pesticides and productivity in Pakistan
Xingliang Ma Melinda Smale David J. Spielman Patricia Zambrano Hina Nazli Fatima Zaidi
Adapting Fomento to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Kate Ambler Alan de Brauw Susan Godlonton
Are there nutrient-based poverty traps?
Evidence on iron deficiency and schooling attainment in Peru
Alberto Chong Isabelle Cohen Erica Field Eduardo Nakasone Máximo Torero