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Understanding compliance in programs promoting conservation agriculture
Modeling a case study in Malawi
Patrick S. Ward Andrew R. Bell Klaus Droppelmann Tim Benton
Demand vs supply of food in India - Futuristic projection Praduman Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi Surabhi Mittal
Inequalities in health and medical pluralism in India: Role of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) and the social network of its practitioners Nemthianngai Guite Samik Ghosh
Issues in rural livelihood - Value chain networks as emerging ecosystem in rural livelihoods Samik Ghosh Shivi Sukhija Aditya Rao
Improved spatially disaggregated livestock measures for Uganda Carlo Azzarri Elizabeth Cross
The health co-benefits of a global greenhouse-gas tax on food Marco Springmann Daniel Mason-D’Croz Sherman Robinson Keith D. Wiebe Peter Scarborough
Strategic review of food security and nutrition in Bangladesh S. R. Osmani Akhter U. Ahmed Tahmeed Ahmed Naomi Hossain Saleemul Huq Asif Shahan
Challenges and Policies for Global Water and Food Security Mark W. Rosegrant
Information processing strategies and framing effects in developing country choice experiments
Results from rice farmers in India
David L. Ortega Patrick S. Ward
Influence of spatially dependent, modeled soil carbon emission factors on life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of corn and cellulosic ethanol Zhangcai Qin Jennifer B. Dunn Ho Young Kwon Steffen Mueller Michelle M. Wander