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Agricultural research in Africa: Investing in future harvests John Lynam, ed. Nienke M. Beintema, ed. Johannes Roseboom, ed. Ousmane Badiane, ed.
Zambia’s 2016 elections: Democracy hovering on the precipice Danielle Resnick
The complexity of local tenure systems
A smallholders’ perspective on tenure in Ghana
Isabel Lambrecht Sarah Asare
Comparison of preventive and therapeutic Zinc supplementation in young children in Burkina Faso
A cluster-randomized, community-based trial
Elodie Becquey Cesaire T. Ouédraogo Sonja Y. Hess Noel Rouamba Lea Prince Jean-Bosco Ouédraogo Stephen A. Vosti Kenneth H. Brown
Explaining catch-up in human development: A political economy comparison of the Philippines and Viet Nam since 1986 Bob Baulch
The distribution of power and household behavior: Evidence from Niger Fleur Stephanie Wouterse
Child malnutrition in Nigeria: Evidence from Kwara State Oluyemisi Kuku-Shittu
Costs, and cost-outcome of school feeding programmes and feeding programmes for young children
Evidence and recommendations
E.A. Kristjansson Aulo Gelli V. Welch T. Greenhalgh S. Liberato D. Francis F. Espejo
Grazing lands in Sub-Saharan Africa and their potential role in climate change mitigation
What we do and don't know
Eleanor Milne Ermias Aynekulu Andre Bationo Niels H. Batjes Randall Boone Rich Conant Jonathan Davies Niall Hanan Dana Hoag Jeffrey E. Herrick Walter Knausenberger Constance Neely Jesse Njoka Moffatt Ngugi Bill Parton Keith Paustian Robin Reid Mohamed Said Keith Shepherd David Swift Philip Thornton Stephen Williams Sue Miller Ephraim M. Nkonya
The road to specialization in agricultural production
Evidence from rural China
Yu Qin Xiaobo Zhang