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Cash transfers and child and adolescent development Damien de Walque Lia Fernald Paul Gertler Melissa Hidrobo
Nutritional status and physical fitness of tribal adolescents in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra Mitravinda Satyabodh Savanur Anagha Sathye Anil Udawant Shobha Anand Udipi Padmini Ghugre Jere Haas Erick Boy Archana Bhatnagar
Biofortification: A review of ex-ante models Keith Lividini John L. Fiedler Fabiana F. De Moura Mourad Moursi Manfred Zeller
Improving nutrition in Assam: Insights from examining trends in outcomes, determinants and interventions between 2006 and 2016 Neha Kohli Phuong Hong Nguyen Rasmi Avula Lan Mai Tran Purnima Menon
Risk and returns of sustainable crop intensification: The case of small-holder rice and potato farmers in Uganda Bjorn Van Campenhout Emmanuel Bizimungu
Improving nutrition in Andhra Pradesh: Insights from the current status of outcomes, determinants and interventions in 2016 Sneha Mani Phuong Hong Nguyen Rasmi Avula Lan Mai Tran Purnima Menon
The role of information in agricultural technology adoption: Experimental evidence from rice farmers in Uganda Bjorn Van Campenhout Wilberforce Walukano Fiona Nattembo Lydia Nazziwa-Nviiri Jaap Blom
Expected product market reforms and technology adoption by Senegalese onion producers Tanguy Bernard Alain de Janvry Samba Mbaye Elisabeth Sadoulet
Do development projects crowd-out private sector activities? Evidence from contract farming participation in Northern Ghana Isabel Lambrecht Catherine Ragasa
Post-disaster aid and development of the manufacturing sector: Lessons from a natural experiment in China Erwin Bulte Xu Lihe Xiaobo Zhang