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Iron Deficiency and Schooling Attainment in Peru Alberto Chong Isabelle Cohen Erica Field Eduardo Nakasone Maximo Torero
Presidential address - Pathways to improve food security and reduce poverty in emerging India Pramod Kumar Joshi
Bangladesh’s story of change in nutrition: Strong improvements in basic and underlying determinants with an unfinished agenda for direct community level support Nicholas Nisbett Peter Davis Sivan Yosef Nazneen Akhtar
Factors influencing the use of food storage structures by agrarian communities in northern Uganda Charles Owach Godfrey Bahiigwa Gabriel Elepu
Institutional versus noninstitutional credit to agricultural households in India: Evidence on impact from a national farmers’ survey Anjani Kumar Ashkok K. Mishra Sunil Saroj Pramod Kumar Joshi
Accounting for nutritional changes in six success stories: A regression-decomposition approach Derek D. Headey John F. Hoddinott Seollee Park
Hydropower versus irrigation—an analysis of global patterns Ruijie Zeng Ximing Cai Claudia Ringler Tingju Zhu
Use of inverse modeling to evaluate CENTURY-predictions for soil carbon sequestration in US rain-fed corn production systems Ho-Young Kwon C.M. Ugarte Stephen M. Ogle Stephen A. Williams Michelle M. Wander
Competitiveness of global agriculture: Policy lessons for food security: Synopsis Attila Jambor Suresh Chandra Babu
Achieving the 2025 World Health Assembly targets for nutrition in India: What will it cost? Suman Chakrabarti Avani Kapur Abhilasha Vaid Purnima Menon