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Impact of Malawi’s Farm Income Diversification Programme on household welfare: Empirical evidence from eleven districts Cuthbert Wadonda Chirwa Makoka Donald Beston B. Maonga Davies H. Ng’ong’ola
Why is the Doha Development agenda failing? And what can be done? A computable general equilibrium-game theoretical approach Antoine Bouët David Laborde Debucquet
The Doha Round: Virtuous circle or infinite loop? David Laborde Debucquet
Food security stocks: Economic and operational issues Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla
Agriculture, development, and the global trading system: 2000– 2015 Antoine Bouët, ed. David Laborde Debucquet, ed.
Factors influencing maternal nutrition practices in a large scale maternal, newborn and child health program in Bangladesh Phuong Hong Nguyen Tina Sanghvi Sunny S. Kim Lan Mai Tran Kaosar Afsana Zeba Mahmud Bachera Aktar Purnima Menon
Improving global integration of crop research Matthew P. Reynolds Hans-Joachim Braun Anthony J. Cavalieri Saharah Chapotin William Davies Mark W. Rosegrant et al.
The effect of inflammation on serum zinc concentrations and the prevalence estimates of population-level zinc status among Congolese children aged 6-59 months Crystal D. Karakochuk Susan I. Barr Erick Boy Esto Bahizire Pierrot L. Tugirimana Pierre Z. Akilimali Lisa A. Houghton Tim J. Green
Picture-based insurance: is it sustainable? Effects on willingness to pay, adverse selection, and moral hazard Berber Kramer Francisco Ceballos Matthew Krupoff Mann S. Toor Azad Mishra Siddesh Karekar Miguel Robles
Tariffs, smuggling and economic welfare: A spatial analysis of Nigerian rice policy options Michael E. Johnson Paul A. Dorosh