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Building effective clusters and industrial parks Xiaobo Zhang
The role of learning in technology adoption: Evidence on hybrid rice adoption in Bihar, India Jared Gars Patrick S. Ward
Entitlement fetching or snatching? Effects of arbitrage on India’s public distribution system Suman Chakrabarti Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy
Odisha, India country brief Neha Kohli Mara van den Bold Elisabeth Becker Rasmi Avula Nicholas Nisbett Lawrence James Haddad Purnima Menon
Nepal’s 2072 federal constitution: Implications for the governance of the agricultural sector Jordan Kyle Danielle Resnick
The economic potential of an India-US free trade agreement Emiko Fukase Will Martin
The impact of food prices on poverty and food security Derek D. Headey Will Martin
Responding to risk: Circumcision, information, and HIV prevention Susan Godlonton Alister Munthali Rebecca L. Thornton
Bargaining with Grandma: The impact of the South African pension on household decision-making Kate Ambler
The US crop insurance program and WTO disciplines Joseph W. Glauber