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Determining a Global Mid-Upper Arm Circumference Cutoff to Assess Underweight in Adults (Men and Nonpregnant Women) Alice M. Tang Mei Chung Kimberly Dong Christine Wanke Paluku Bahwere Kaushik Bose Raja Chakraborty Karen Charlton Steven Hong Phuong H. Nguyen Cecilie B. Patsche Megan Deitchler Zeina Maalouf-Manasseh
Reducing malnutrition through education actions Harold Alderman
South Africa: Agricultural R&D Indicators Factsheet Nienke M. Beintema Lang Gao Petronella Chaminuka
Climate Change, Gender, and Nutrition Support to USAID Programs in Nigeria Timothy S. Thomas Elizabeth Bryan Jowel Choufani Carlo Azzarri Prapti Bhandary Moffatt Ngugi Robert Buzzard
Climate change, gender, and nutrition linkages research priorities in Cambodia Claudia Ringler Timothy S. Thomas Jowel Choufani Sophie Theis Elizabeth Bryan Prapti Bhandary Mark Visocky Jeannie Harvey Meredith Soule
Prioritizing research for integrated implementation of early childhood development and maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition platforms Renee Sharma Michelle F Gaffey Harold Alderman Diego G Bassani Kimber Bogard Gary L Darmstadt Jai K Das Joseph E de Graft–Johnson Jena D Hamadani Susan Horton Luis Huicho Julia Hussein Stephen Lye Rafael Pérez–Escamilla Kerrie Proulx Kofi Marfo Vanessa Mathews–Hanna Mireille S Mclean Atif Rahman Karlee L Silver Daisy R Singla Patrick Webb Zulfiqar A Bhutta
Timing of Gestational Weight Gain on Fetal Growth and Infant Size at Birth in Vietnam Melissa F. Young Phuong Hong Nguyen O. Yaw Addo Hoa Pham Son Nguyen Reynaldo Martorell Usha Ramakrishnan
Changes in the policy environment for infant and young child feeding in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, and the role of targeted advocacy Jody Harris Edward A. Frongillo Phuong H. Nguyen Sunny Kim Purnima Menon
Deploying the power of social protection to improve nutrition
What Will It Take?
Kalyani Raghunathan Suman Chakrabarti Purnima Menon Harold Alderman
Differing growth responses to nutritional supplements in neighboring health districts of Burkina Faso are likely due to benefits of small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) Sonja Y. Hess Janet M. Peerson Elodie Becquey Souheila Abbeddou Césaire T. Ouédraogo Jérôme W. Somé Elizabeth Yakes Jimenez Jean-Bosco Ouédraogo Stephen A. Vosti Noël Rouamba Kenneth H. Brown