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Adjusting to external shocks in small open economies: The case of Honduras
Adjusting to external shocks in small open economies: The case of Honduras Samuel Morley Valeria Piñeiro
Producing biofuels in low-income countries
An integrated environmental and economic assessment for Tanzania
Giacomo Branca Erika Felix Irini Maltsoglou Luis E. Rincón James Thurlow
The impact of clustering on firm contracting and financing environment Xiaoning Long Jing Zhang Xiaobo Zhang
A sequential approach to integrated energy modeling in South Africa Channing Arndt Rob Davies Sherwin Gabriel Konstatin Makrelov Bruno Merven Faaiqa Hartley James Thurlow
The Middle Class and Democratic Consolidation in Zambia Danielle Resnick
Future of agricultural extension reforms in developing countries
Lessons from India
Suresh Chandra Babu Pramod Kumar Joshi
The economywide impacts and risks of Malawi’s farm input subsidy program Channing Arndt Karl Pauw James Thurlow
Who bears the costs of climate change? Evidence from Tunisia Manfred Wiebelt Perrihan Al-Riffai Clemens Breisinger Richard D. Robertson
Natural resource management and crop production strategies to improve regional food systems in Tanzania F. Graef I. Schneider A. Fasse J.U. Germer E. Gevorgyan F. Haule H. Hoffmann F. C. Kahimba L. Kashaga L. Kissoly C. Lambert M. Lana H. F. Mahoo B. Makoko S. H. Mbaga A. Mmbughu S. Mkangwa L. Mrosso K. D. Mutabazi L. Mwinuka H. Ngazi Ephraim M. Nkonya S. Said A. Schaffert M. P. Schafer J. Schindler S Sieber M. Swamila H. M. Welp L. William Y. M. Yustas
What dimensions of women’s empowerment in agriculture matter for nutrition in Ghana? Hazel J. Malapit Agnes R. Quisumbing