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Female labor outcomes and large-scale land investments in Tanzania Evans S. Osabuohien Raoul Herrmann Uchenna R. Efobi Ciliaka M. W. Gitau
La Matrice de comptabilite sociale de la Côte d'Ivoire: Exercice 2006 Ismaël Fofana Souleymane S. Diallo
Why can’t MENA countries trade more?: The curse of bad institutions Fida Karam Chahir Zaki
Time to reform the US federal agricultural insurance program Vincent H. Smith Joseph W. Glauber Barry K. Goodwin
Agricultural policy in disarray: Reforming the farm bill—An overview Vincent H. Smith Joseph W. Glauber Barry K. Goodwin Daniel A. Sumner
Food for Peace Reform Act Joseph W. Glauber Ryan Nabil Vincent H. Smith
Early adoption of conservation agriculture practices: Understanding partial compliance in programs with multiple adoption decisions Patrick S. Ward Andrew R. Bell Klaus Droppelmann Tim G. Benton
Addressing conflict through collective action in natural resource management Blake D Ratner Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Jon Hellin Everisto Mapedza Jon D. Unruh Wouter Veening Eric Haglund Candace May Carl Bruch
The impact of India’s food security policy on domestic and international rice market Deepayan Debnath Suresh Chandra Babu Parijat Ghosh Michael Helmer
The risks of multiple breadbasket failures in the 21st century
A science research agenda
Janetos Anthony Christopher Justice Molly Jahn Michael Obersteiner Joseph W. Glauber Mulhern William