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Will China's demographic transition exacerbate its income inequality?–CGE modeling with top-down microsimulation Xinxin Wang Kevin Z. Chen Sherman Robinson Zuhui Huang
Droughts augment youth migration in northern Latin America and the Caribbean Javier Baez German Caruso Valerie Mueller Chiyu Niu
Crop health and its global impacts on the components of food security S. Savary S. Bregaglio L. Willocquet David Gustafson Daniel Mason d'Croz A. Sparks N. Castilla A. Djurle C. Allinne Mamta Sharma V. Rossi L. Amorim A. Bergamin J. Yuen P. Esker Neil McRoberts J. Avelino Etienne Duveiller Jawoo Koo K. Garrett
A moral economy of water: Charity wells in Egypt's Nile delta Hagar El-Didi Esteve Corbera
Locus of control and technology adoption in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia Kibrom A. Abay Garrick Blalock Guush Berhane
Do beliefs about agricultural inputs counterfeiting correspond with actual rates of counterfeiting? Evidence from Uganda Maha Ashour Lucy Billings Daniel O. Gilligan Jessica B. Hoel Naureen Karachiwalla
Locus of control, hyperbolic preferences, and demand for commitment and savings: Evidence from rural Ethiopia Kibrom A. Abay Guush Berhane Thomas Woldu Assefa
The impact of the use of new technologies on farmers’ wheat yield in Ethiopia: Evidence from a randomized control trial Gashaw T. Abate Tanguy Bernard Alan de Brauw Nicholas Minot
Children’s diets, nutrition knowledge, and access to markets Kalle Hirvonen John F. Hoddinott Bart Minten David Stifel
Application of energy optimization models to design sustainable energy system: A review Md. Hossain Alam Mondal Toufic Mezher