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Impact of contract farming on profits and yield of smallholder farms in Nepal: An evidence from lentil cultivation Anjani Kumar Devesh Roy Pramod Kumar Joshi Gaurav Tripathi Rajendra Prasad Adhikari
Can information help reduce imbalanced application of fertilizers in India?
Experimental evidence from Bihar
Ram Fishman Avinash Kishore Yoav Rothler Patrick S. Ward
Dynamic supply response of pulses in India Akshay Bhatnagar Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy Pramod Kumar Joshi
A question of integrity: Variants of Bt cotton, pesticides, and productivity in Pakistan Xingliang Ma Melinda Smale David J. Spielman Patricia Zambrano Hina Nazli Fatima Zaidi
Agricultural extension through information technologies in schools
Do the cobbler's parents go barefoot?
Eduardo Nakasone Máximo Torero
Women’s empowerment and the adoption of improved maize varieties: Evidence from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania Greg Seymour Cheryl Doss Paswel Marenya Ruth Suseela Meinzen-Dick Simone Passarelli
Crop insurance in India: Drivers and impact Aditya KS Tajuddin Khan Avinash Kishore
Implications of slowing growth in emerging market economies for hunger and poverty in rural areas of developing countries David Laborde Debucquet Will Martin
Global Nutrition Report 2016: From Promise to Impact: Ending Malnutrition by 2030: Summary [in Russian] International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Tubaramure, a food-assisted integrated health and nutrition program in Burundi, increases maternal and child hemoglobin concentrations and reduces anemia
A theory-based cluster-randomized controlled intervention trial
Jef L. Leroy Deanna K. Olney Marie T. Ruel