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Improving diets and nutrition through an integrated poultry value chain and nutrition intervention (SELEVER) in Burkina Faso: Study protocol for a randomized trial Aulo Gelli Elodie Becquey Rasmane Ganaba Derek D. Headey Melissa Hidrobo Lieven Huybregts Hans Verhoef Romain Kenfack Sita Zongouri Hannah Guedenet
Gender asymmetries: Impacts of an early-stage school intervention in the Philippines Futoshi Yamauchi Yanyan Liu
The evolution of tractorization in India’s low-wage economy: Key patterns and implications Madhusudan Bhattarai Pramod Kumar Joshi R. S. Shekhawa Hiroyuki Takeshima
How can we better capture food away from home? Lessons from India’s linking person-level meal and household-level food data John L. Fiedler Suryakant Yadav
The case for structured markets in Malawi Bob Baulch Anderson Gondwe
Invest in small-scale irrigated agriculture: A national assessment on potential to expand small-scale irrigation in Nigeria Hua Xie Liangzhi [游良志] You Hiroyuki Takeshima
Shocks, social protection, and resilience: Evidence from Ethiopia Erwin Knippenberg John F. Hoddinott
Nourished: How Africa can build a future free from hunger and malnutrition Malabo Montpellier Panel
An assessment of the critical human, financial, and institutional capacity issues affecting West African agricultural R&D: Synthesis and policy considerations Nienke M. Beintema Gert-Jan Stads
Mink: Details of a global gridded crop modeling system Richard D. Robertson