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India’s price support policies and global food prices Gerdien W. Meijerink Pramod Kumar Joshi
Input subsidy vs farm technology
Which is more important for agricultural development?
Geert Woltjer Pramod Kumar Joshi
International trade and food security
The future of Indian agriculture
Floor Brouwer, ed. Pramod Kumar Joshi, ed.
Food demand and supply projections to 2030: India Praduman Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi
India’s poultry sector: Trade prospects Rajesh Mehta R.G. Nambiar Pramod Kumar Joshi
Climate change and rice self-sufficiency policy
Exploring adaptation strategy through agricultural policy reform in the Philippines
Angga Pradesha Sherman Robinson
Introduction- International trade and food security: The future of Indian agriculture Floor Brouwer Pramod Kumar Joshi
Conclusions and Way Forward Floor Brouwer Pramod Kumar Joshi
Changing structure of retail in India
Looking beyond price competition
Devesh Roy Shwetima Joshi Pramod Kumar Joshi Bhushana Karandikar
Malnutrition: Future challenges and lessons from the past Harold Alderman David E. Sahn