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Climate risk management through sustainable land and water management in Sub-Saharan Africa Ephraim M. Nkonya Jawoo Koo Edward Kato Timothy Johnson
Farm size, food security, and welfare: Descriptive evidence from the Ethiopian highlands Kibrewossen Abay Kalle Hirvonen Bart Minten
Macroeconomic factor influence on agricultural program sustainability in Kaduna state, Nigeria Patrick L. Hatzenbuehler George Mavrotas
Macro-economic models: Comparative analysis of strategies and long term outlook for growth and poverty reduction among ECOWAS member countries Ousmane Badiane Sunday P. Odjo Fleur Stephanie Wouterse
Macro-economic models: how to spend Uganda’s expected oil revenues? A CGE analysis of the agricultural and poverty impacts of spending options Manfred Wiebelt Karl Pauw John Mary Matovu Evarist Twimukye Todd Benson
Lessons learned and future challenges Christian Henning Ousmane Badiane
Micro-econometric and Micro-Macro linked models: Impact of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Program of Uganda—Considering different levels of likely contamination with the treatment Samuel Benin Ephraim M. Nkonya Geresom Okecho Josée Randriamamonjy Edward Kato Geofrey Lubade Miriam Kyotalimye
Policy support through modeling and evaluation: Methodological challenges and practical solutions Ousmane Badiane Christian Henning Eva Krampe
Micro-econometric and Micro-Macro Linked Models: Modeling agricultural growth and nutrition linkages: Lessons from Tanzania and Malawi Karl Pauw James Thurlow Olivier Ecker
Development policies and policy processes in Africa: Modeling and evaluation Christian Henning, ed. Ousmane Badiane, ed. Eva Krampe, ed.