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Poverty and climate in Africa south of the Sahara
An empirical analysis
Sara Signorelli Carlo Azzarri
Out-of-pocket health payments: A catalyst for agricultural productivity growth, but with potentially impoverishing effects in Senegal Ligane Massamba Séne Ousmane Badiane
Role of water security for agricultural and economic development – concepts and global scenarios Claudia Ringler Tingju Zhu Sebastian Gruber Ronan Treguer Laurent Auguste Lee Addams Nicola Cenacchi Timothy B. Sulser
Nutrition incentives in dairy contract farming in Northern Senegal Tanguy Bernard Melissa Hidrobo Agnès Le Port Rahul Rawat
On the co-movement between coffee and cocoa prices in international markets Fousseini Traoré F. Badolo
Drivers of micronutrient policy change in Zambia: An application of the Kaleidoscope Model Steven Haggblade Suresh Chandra Babu Jody Harris Elizabeth Mkandawire Dorothy Nthani Sheryl L. Hendriks
A poverty-sensitive scorecard to prioritize lending and grant allocation: Evidence from Central America Manuel A. Hernandez Máximo Torero
What is the optimal locus of control for social assistance programs? Evidence from the productive safety net programme in Ethiopia Andrew M. Simons
Sustaining growth via water productivity: 2030/2050 scenarios Veolia Water North America International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Pakistan’s fertilizer sector: Structure, policies, performance, and impacts Mubarik Ali Faryal Ahmed Hira Channa Stephen Davies