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Assessing the adoption of high-iron bean varieties and their impact on iron intakes and other livelihood outcomes in Rwanda: Main survey report Dorene Asare-Marfo Caitlin Herrington Eliud Birachi Ekin Birol Kristy Cook Michael Tedla Diressie Leonidas Dusenge José Funes Lister Katsvairo Enid Katungi Ricardo Labarta Catherine LaRochelle Keith Lividini Mourad Moursi Joseph Mulambu Abdoul Murekezi Augustine Musoni Jean d'Amour Nkundimana Kate Vaiknoras Manfred Zeller
Synopsis: Food processing, transformation and job creation
The case of Ethiopia’s enjera markets
Bart Minten Thomas Woldu Assefa Girum Abebe Ermias Engid Seneshaw Tamru
Trade and economic impacts of destination-based corporate taxes Will Martin
Improved Nutrition through Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services: Case studies of Curriculum Review and Operational Lessons from India Suresh Chandra Babu Meera Singh T. V. Hymavathi Uma Rani G.G. Kavitha Shree Karthik
Micronutrient policy change in South Africa: Implications for the Kaleidoscope Model for food security policy change Sheryl L. Hendriks Elizabeth Mkandawire Nicolette Hall Nic JJ Olivier Schönfeldt Hettie C. Phillip Randall Stephan Morgan Olivier Nico JJ Steven Haggblade Suresh Chandra Babu
The economic advantage: Assessing the value of climate-change actions in agriculture Sonja Vermeulen Meryl Richards Alessandro De Pinto Dino Ferrarese Peter Läderach Le Lan Marty Luckert Enrico Mazzoli Laura Plant Roberto Rinaldi Jim Stephenson Paul Watkiss
Poverty, Hunger, and US Agricultural Policy: Do Farm Programs Affect the Nutrition of Poor Americans? Joseph W. Glauber Daniel A. Sumner Parke E. Wilde
The recent growth boom in developing economies: A structural-change perspective Xinshen Diao Margaret S. McMillan Dani Rodrik
Kenya agricultural development status assessment Samuel Benin Namukolo M. Covic Mohamed Abd Salam El Vilaly Ismaël Fofana Jawoo Koo Nicholas Minot Sunday Odjo Fousseini Traore Fleur Stephanie Wouterse
The impact of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme on the nutritional status of children: 2008–2012 Guush Berhane John F. Hoddinott Neha Kumar