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US agricultural policy: Implications on domestic and international food security Vincent H. Smith Joseph W. Glauber
Picture-based crop insurance: Is it feasible? Using farmers’ smartphone pictures to minimize the costs of loss verification Berber Kramer Francisco Ceballos Koen Hufkens Eli Melaas Azad Mishra Michael Mann Mann S. Toor Miguel Robles
Agriculture, dèveloppment et système commercial international: 2000-2015: Synopsis Antoine Bouët David Laborde Debucquet
The rising costs of animal-source foods in Ethiopia: Evidence and implications Fantu Nisrane Bachewe Bart Minten Feiruz Yimer
Food expenditure patterns and dietary diversity in Nepal: Is dietary quality improving? Anjani Kumar G. B. (Ganesh B.) Thapa Pramod Kumar Joshi
US trade wars with emerging countries in the 21st century: Make America and Its partners lose again Antoine Bouët David Laborde Debucquet
Synopsis: The Sustainable Land Management Program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production Emily Schmidt Fanaye Tadesse
Understanding the measurement of women’s autonomy: Illustrations from Bangladesh and Ghana Gregory Seymour Amber Peterman
Reality of Food Losses: A New Measurement Methodology Luciana Delgado Monica Schuster Maximo Torero
Policy options to accelerate variety change among smallholder farmers in South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara David J. Spielman Melinda Smale