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Comparing modeling approaches for assessing priorities in international agricultural research Athanasios Petsakos Guy Hareau Ulrich Kleinwechter Keith D. Wiebe Timothy B. Sulser
Farmers’ grain storage and losses in Ethiopia: Measures and associates Fantu Nisrane Bachewe Bart Minten Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse Karl Pauw Alethia Cameron Tirsit Genye Endaylalu
Nepal-India agricultural trade: Trends, issues and prospects Ramesh Sharma Anjani Kumar Pramod Kumar Joshi
Promoting competition in the fertilizer industry in Africa: A global and local approach Manuel A. Hernandez Maximo Torero
Rapid transformation of food systems in developing regions: Highlighting the role of agricultural research & innovations Thomas Reardon Echeverria Ruben G. Julio A. Berdegué Bart Minten Lenis Saweda Liverpool-Tasie David Tschirley David Zilberman
Local corruption and popular support for fuel subsidy reform in Indonesia Jordan Kyle
Distributional effects of agricultural infrastructure in developing countries: Large irrigation dams and drought mitigation in Nigeria Hiroyuki Takeshima
The devolution revolution: Implications for agricultural service delivery in Ghana Danielle Resnick
MSP hike: Not a viable policy option Pramod Kumar Joshi Avinash Kishore Devesh Roy
Youth migration and labour constraints in African agrarian households Valerie Mueller Cheryl Doss Agnes R. Quisumbing