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Mechanization outsourcing clusters and division of labor in Chinese agriculture Xiaobo Zhang Jin Yang Reardon Thomas
Social franchising and a nationwide mass media campaign increased the prevalence of adequate complementary feeding in Vietnam: A cluster-randomized program evaluation Rahul Rawat Phuong Hong Nguyen Lan Mai Tran Nemat Hajeebhoy Huan Van Nguyen Jean Baker Edward A. Frongillo Marie T. Ruel Purnima Menon
Improving nutrition through biofortification: A review of evidence from HarvestPlus, 2003 through 2016 Howarth E. Bouis Amy Saltzman
Senegal Dairy Value Chain Nutrition Data International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) GRET Université Gaston Berger (UGB) Cellule de Lutte contre la Malnutrition (CLM)
Strengthening and harmonizing food policy systems to achieve food security
A case study and lessons from Ghana
Suresh Chandra Babu Sylvia Blom
Localized public investment and agricultural performance in Malawi
An econometric approach
Chance Mwabutwa
Understanding the role of intersectoral convergence in the delivery of essential maternal and child nutrition interventions in Odisha, India
A qualitative study
Sunny S. Kim Rasmi Avula Rajani Ved Neha Kohli Kavita Singh Mara van den Bold Suneetha Kadiyala Purnima Menon
Fish to 2050 in the ASEAN Region Chin Yee Chan Nhuong Tran Danh Chi Dao Timothy B. Sulser Michael John Philips Miroslav Batka Keith D. Wiebe Nigel Preston
Conducting ethical economic research: Complications from the field Harold Alderman Jishnu Das Vijayendra Rao
Targeting, bias, and expected impact of complex innovations on developing-country agriculture: Evidence from Malawi Beliyou Haile Carlo Azzarri Cleo Roberts David J. Spielman