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Enhancing innovation in livestock value chains through networks: Lessons from fodder innovation case studies in developing countries Seife Ayele Alan Duncan Asamoah Larbi Truong Tan Khanh
Guides for Value-Chain development: A comparative review Jason Donovan Steve Franzel Marcelo Cunha Amos Gyau Dagmar Mithöfer
Value-chain development for rural poverty reduction: A reality check and a warning Dietmar Stoian Jason Donovan John Fisk Michelle F. Muldoon
Lapses, infidelities, and creative adaptations: Lessons from evaluation of a participatory market development approach in the Andes Douglas Horton Emma Rotondo Rodrigo Paz Ybarnegaray Guy Hareau André Devaux Graham Thiele
Unraveling the role of innovation platforms in supporting coevolution of innovation: Contributions and tensions in a smallholder dairy-development program Catherine W. Kilelu Laurens Klerkx Cees Leeuwis
Impact of third-party enforcement of contracts in agricultural markets—A field experiment in Vietnam Christoph Saenger Maximo Torero Matin Qaim
Linking smallholders to the new agricultural economy: The case of the plataformas de concertación in Ecuador Ramina Cavatassi Mario González-Flores Paul Winters Jorge Andrade-Piedra Patricio Espinosa Graham Thiele
Contract farming in developing countries: Theory, practice, and policy implications Nicholas Minot Bradley Sawyer
Evaluating inclusive value-chain development Máximo Torero
Integrating agricultural innovation and inclusive value-chain development: Introduction André Devaux Claudio Velasco Matthias Jager