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Why can’t MENA countries trade more?: The curse of bad institutions

This paper explores the relationship between institutions and trade in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The literature offers a broad consensus that bad institutions hamper trade and that trade liberalization engenders institutional…

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Female labor outcomes and large-scale land investments in Tanzania

The current transformation of the agricultural sector in many African countries has been perceived to be connected to land resources and the quest to advance agriculture as a commercial enterprise. The main expectations in this agricultural…

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Does an inorganic fertilizer subsidy promote the use of organic fertilizers in Nigeria?

This study examines the crowding-out or-in effect of organic fertilizers as a result of the inorganic fertilizer subsidy program in Nigeria. The study made use of the Nigeria General Household Survey (GHS) dataset from 2010-2011, which contains 5,000…

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Informal trade and the price of import bans: Evidence from Nigeria

This paper studies the impact of trade restrictions and illegal trade on price disparities within Nigeria, where a long list of import prohibitions on various consumer goods have raised the price of the consumption basket. Large-scale illegal trade at…

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Analyzing trade integration in North African markets: A border effect approach

This paper uses the border effect estimate from a gravity model to analyze the level of market trade integration among Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia from 2005-2012. We analyze total trade as well as trade in agricultural and…