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Policy-Oriented Research Impact Assessment (PORIA) case study on the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the Mexican PROGRESA anti-poverty and human resource investment conditional cash transfer program

"The objective of this study is to attempt to characterize the influence and impact of IFPRI in relation to the Mexican PROGRESA/Oportunidades anti-poverty and human resource program with its conditional cash transfers (CCT)—conditional on specific…


Impact assessment of food policy research-- a stocktaking workshop

"This stocktaking workshop provided an opportunity for several groups with active interest in impact assessment relating to agricultural policy research to share experiences and views about what constitutes good practice in this field. The sponsoring…


Institutional learning and change in the CGIAR

This report summarizes papers presented and the discussions that took place at the workshop on Institutional Learning and Change in the CGIAR. It addresses evaluation of agricultural research on poverty in developing countries. Some of the…