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Measuring the benefits of social science research

This paper addresses two questions: The first is What are the benefits of social science research?; the second is "How should they be measured?" The response to the first is that, as with research in the physical sciences, the benefits should be…


Some useful methods for measuring the benefits of social science research

What are the “returns” to policy-oriented research in the social sciences? One presumes that the positive net benefits to society, or at least a certain segment of society, would be treated as returns, but how does one determine what these benefits…


IFPRI and the abolition of the wheat flour ration shops in Pakistan

In February 1987, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) abolished the wheat ration shop system. Started as a food rationing program during World War II in colonial India, it had degenerated by the 1980s into a wasteful corrupt system that failed to reach…