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A guide to data cleaning using Stata

In order to provide a comprehensive view of the multiple stages involved in a rigorous data cleaning process, this manual is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 starts by listing the terms and definitions which the user is expected to be familiar…

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Mink: Details of a global gridded crop modeling system

This book chronicles the details of a global-scale, systematically geographically gridded, process-based crop simulation modeling system developed at IFPRI in support of global-scale economic models of agriculture. An endeavor such as this necessarily…

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Using SPSS for poverty and nutrition policy analysis

Poverty and malnutrition in Nigeria is widespread and severe, and therefore, continues to be central to the development discourse. Sixty-four percent of rural Nigerians has a consumption level below the basic-needs poverty line, while forty-three…

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Price, income and nutrition course

This class introduces basic micro- and macro-economic concepts important to food policy. The 19 sessions that will run 135 minutes each will place emphasis on understanding alternative economic policies, and how and why they can affect food…