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Philippines, Bukidnon Panel Survey, 2003-2004

This data set contains the 2003 and 2004 rounds of the Bukidnon Panel Survey, a survey spanning 19 years. Bukidnon is a landlocked province in the Philippines comprising 20 municipalities and two cities, Malaybalay and Valencia, on the island of…


Philippines, Smallholder livestock production dataset, 2000-2001

The study draws on household survey data collected in 2000-2001. The survey was conducted in three hog producing cities in the provinces of Batangas and Laguna in Southern Luzon, Philippines. To understand why some smallholders participate in hog…


Philippines Cash Cropping Project, Southern Bukidnon Province, 1984-1985

The questionnaire was administered in 4 rounds over two years to approximately 450 households. Topics include household information; parcels of land owned and cultivated; production of sugar, corn, rice, and other crops; agricultural wage labor; other…