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2013 Social Accounting Matrix for Uganda

This data study includes social accounting matrix (SAM) for Uganda for the year 2013. The SAM is an extension of the Standard Nexus structure. It consists of 55 activity sectors, 55 commodity sectors, three types of factors of production: labor (rural…


The HarvestPlus REU/A2Z-AED 2007-2008 Uganda 24-Hour Recall Survey

This dataset is composed of two 24-hour recall surveys conducted by HarvestPlus in 2007 as a baseline for its Reaching End Users (REU) project and by AED in 2008 in the context of the A2Z project. The two surveys aimed at estimating food and nutrient…


Impact Evaluation of Cash and Food Transfers at Early Childhood Development Centers in Karamoja, Uganda: Endline Survey

IFPRI in collaboration with UNICEF and WFP conducted a study of the effectiveness of food and cash transfers linked to participation in an Early Childhood Development (ECD) program in Uganda. This evaluation is part of a multicountry study to assess…


Women's empowerment in agriculture (WEAI) pilot II for Uganda

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) is a composite measurement tool that indicates women’s control over critical parts of their lives in the household, community, and economy. It allows us to identify women who are disempowered and…


Sustainability of impact: Dimensions of decline and persistence in adoption of a biofortified crop in Uganda

This study examines the sustainability of the impact of a biofortification program that introduced provitamin-A-rich orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (OSP) to farming households in Uganda. The crop was introduced in a randomized controlled experiment to…