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Smart Subsidies for Catchment Conservation in Malawi

This dataset includes a baseline and endline survey from a cluster-randomized sample of households within villages covering the five uppermost Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) in the Shire River Basin in southern Malawi, spanning the districts of…


Market Segmentation Strategies for the Dissemination of New Agricultural Production Technologies: Experimental Delivery of Laser Land Leveling to Farmers in Uttar Pradesh, India

This dataset contains observations from 478 households interviewed in 2011 and 2012 as part of a study titled “Market segmentation strategies for the dissemination of new agricultural production technologies in India.” The data were collected as part…


Ethiopia Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) Baseline Community Survey, 2013

The productive safety net program (PSNP) community survey collected information from focus groups in 8 communities where PSNP is active. It was administered simultaneously to a panel of prominent members of the community. The purpose of the survey was…


CGIAR Scientometrics Data for 2000-2016

This data files includes full metadata records of 12,131 SCI-indexed journal articles authored by CGIAR scientists published between January 2000 to November 2016, retrieved from Web of Science by Thomson Reuters. With this data, co-authorships of…


Medium and Large-Scale Farmers and Agricultural Mechanization in Ghana

This survey targeting large to medium scale farmers and tractor owners