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data paper

2013 Social Accounting Matrix for Kenya

The purpose of this paper is used to document the different steps followed to construct the 2013 Social Accounting Matrix for Kenya. The SAM is an extension of the Standard Nexus Structure. It consists of 54 activity sectors, 56 commodity sectors,…


A4NH 2016 annual report

In its 5th year of Phase I, A4NH has validated its core areas of research, taking many to scale while also broadening its Phase II portfolio

discussion paper

Health insurance, a friend in need? Evidence from financial and health diaries in Kenya

Health insurance can protect consumption from health shocks, but it can also crowd out informal transfers. This paper examines whether health insurance improves consumption smoothing in the face of health shocks, and to what extent results depend on…

project paper

Incentives and subsidies for farmer adoption of food safety technologies

Unsafe food is a major cause of disease in developing countries, accounting for an estimated 2 million deaths per year globally and comprising a burden of illness comparable to that of malaria or tuberculosis (WHO, 2015). Reducing the risk of…