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data paper

2012 Social Accounting Matrix for Mozambique

The purpose of this paper is used to document the different steps followed to construct the 2012 Social Accounting Matrix for Mozambique. The SAM is an extension of the Standard Nexus Structure. It consists of 54 activity sectors, 56 commodity…


Moçambique: Ficha Informativa de Indicadores de I&D Agrária

Esta ficha informativa do país apresenta os principais indicadores de I&D agrária numa apresentação altamente acessível. A publicação também apresenta uma análise mais aprofundada de alguns dos principais desafios que o sistema de I & D agrária está…


Mozambique cell phone savings project: Endline survey

Combines training and incentives to use mobile money technology alongside targeted input marketing visits to promote formal saving


Mozambique: Agricultural R&D indicators factsheet

This country factsheet presents key agricultural R&D indicators in a highly accessible visual display. The publication also feature a more in-depth analysis of some of the key challenges that the country’s agricultural R&D system is facing, and the…


Mozambique Cell Phone Savings Project: Baseline Survey

Baseline data on agricultural production and cell phone technology usage among smallholder farmers in the Nampula province of Mozambique