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Improving information and access to technology

AGRODEP is a Modeling Consortium of African researchers living and working in Africa with research interests ranging from economic modeling to regional integration and development to climate change, gender, poverty, and inequality. There are currently…


Agricultural market reforms and technology adoption in Senegal

Many smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa do not use basic agricultural technologies to improve crop quality. In the Senegal River Valley, researchers tested whether receiving advance information on a market reform—introducing quality labels for…


A4NH 2016 annual report

In its 5th year of Phase I, A4NH has validated its core areas of research, taking many to scale while also broadening its Phase II portfolio

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Cash transfers and management advice for agriculture: Evidence from Senegal

This study analyzes impacts of large, one-time cash transfers and farm management plans among farmers in Senegal. Farmers were randomized into groups receiving advisory visits, the visits and an individualized farm plan, or the visits, the plan, and a…

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Le Sénégal est le pays situé le plus à l’ouest d’Afrique. Le pays est relativement plat, avec un bas-relief. Sa superficie totale est de 196 192 kilomètres carrés. Sa frontière nord, qu’il partage avec la Mauritanie, est délimitée par le fleuve…