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IFPRI Strategy

In 2012, IFPRI developed its 2013–2018 strategy to address unprecedented challenges in the food policy landscape. Five years later, many of those challenges persist while new threats and opportunities have arisen that will have fundamental impacts on…

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Roads to innovation: Firm-level evidence from China

Although both infrastructure and innovation play an important role in fostering a country’s economic growth, discussion in the literature about how the two are connected is limited. This paper examines the impact of road density on firm innovation in…

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Environmental migration and labor markets in Nepal

While an emerging literature cites weather shocks as major determinants of migration, scant evidence exists on how such migration impacts the labor markets of receiving communities in developing countries. We address this knowledge gap by…

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Lost in the mail

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The development potential of migration

This issue of the Thematic Research Notes discusses the causes and impact of migration among communities in Africa as well as predicted future migration trends.