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discussion paper

Nutrition incentives in dairy contract farming in northern Senegal

Health-related incentives to reward effort or commitment are commonplace in many professional contracts throughout the world. Typically absent from small-scale agriculture in poor countries, such incentives may help overcome both health issues for…

discussion paper

Nutrition transition and the structure of global food demand

Estimating future demand for food is a critical aspect of global food security analyses. The process linking dietary changes to wealth is known as the nutrition transition and presents well-identified features that help to predict consumption changes…

project paper

Management plans and cash transfers for smallholders: Evidence from Senegal

Overall, the study shows that large, one-time cash transfers aimed at increasing agricultural investments can significantly impact smallholders’ agricultural production. This differs from previous findings in the literature, which have found more…


2017 Rapport sur les politiques alimentaires mondiales: Synopsis

L’année 2016 a été marquée par d’indéniables signes de progrès sur le plan de la sécurité alimentaire et de la nutrition, ainsi que par un engagement en faveur du développement durable. Pourtant, les défis découlant des paysages politiques,…

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Incentives and subsidies for farmer adoption of food safety technologies

Unsafe food is a major cause of disease in developing countries, accounting for an estimated 2 million deaths per year globally and comprising a burden of illness comparable to that of malaria or tuberculosis (WHO, 2015). Reducing the risk of…