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Commitments and accountability: Peru’s unique nutrition journey

PERUVIANS HAVE MUCH to celebrate in regards to the rapid progress the country has made in reducing malnutrition. In 2013, only 3.5 percent of children under five years of age in Peru were underweight. Even smaller proportions— 0.5 percent and 0.1 percent—were…

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Championing nutrition: Effective leadership for action

THE CALLS FOR strong leadership in the fight against global and national malnutrition have multiplied during the past decade. The role of nutrition champions in advocating for nutrition, formulating policies, and coordinating and implementing action in…

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New horizons: Nutrition in the 21st century

BY WEAVING STORIES together with analysis and description in this book, we have sought to convey the variety of experiences in tackling malnutrition in different contexts throughout the past five decades. This narrative approach is intended to help the reader…

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Reducing risk, strengthening resilience: Social protection and nutrition

IN THE MID-1990S, governments and researchers in three countries from very different parts of the world—Bangladesh, Brazil, and Mexico— began moving toward a new type of poverty alleviation program. Struggling to meet the needs of their poor populations…

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is highly prevalent and has detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of women across the world


Nourishing millions: Stories of change in nutrition: Synopsis

In recent years, the world has seen unprecedented attention and political commitment to addressing malnutrition. Milestones such as the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, the Lancet Maternal and Child Nutrition Series, and the Second International Conference…


Nourishing millions: Stories of change in nutrition

Malnutrition costs the world trillions of dollars, but global commitment to improving people’s nutrition is on the rise, and so is our knowledge of how to do so. Over the past 50 years, understanding of nutrition has evolved beyond a narrow focus on hunger and…

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Reaching new heights: 20 years of nutrition progress in Nepal

DESPITE SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC growth, South Asia remains notorious for its alarmingly high rates of undernutrition. This “Asian enigma” has long puzzled both researchers and policymakers. However, Nepal’s recent experience presents yet another enigma: a rapid…

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Global nutrition report digital toolkit

The world is off track to reach global targets on nutrition, but we can reverse that trend and end malnutrition by 2030.