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India food security portal

The India Food Security Portal presents current information about agriculture, food security, and nutrition in India and about dynamic developments in the region’s food system. It is facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute…


Global food security portal

The global Food Security Portal, facilitated by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), presents up-to-date data and information about dynamic developments in the world food system and increases policymakers’ ability to respond…


Informe de políticas alimentarias mundiales 2016: Sinopsis

El año 2015 marcó un giro decisivo para la comunidad internacional del desarrollo. Si bien aún persisten retos inmensos, la culminación de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio puso de relieve los impresionantes logros alcanzados desde 1990: tanto la extrema…

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Development of agricultural mechanization in Ghana: Network, actors, and institutions

This paper characterizes the network of tractor service providers in Ghana. Using the case of Ejura-Sekye-dumase district, this research examines the implications of the adoption of mechanical technology in agriculture for farmers and institutions…

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Channelizing Afghanistan to Pakistan informal trade into formal channels

This paper focuses on assessing the possibility of bringing informal trade from Afghanistan to Pakistan into the legal channels by reducing tariff and tax differentials between Pakistan and Afghanistan. A basic model and illustrative example are…

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Risk and sustainable crop intensification among Ugandan rice and potato farmers

To feed a growing and increasingly urbanized population, Uganda needs to increase crop production without further exhausting available resources. Therefore, smallholder farmers are encouraged to adopt sustainable crop intensification methods such as…