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Labor adaptation to climate variability in Eastern Africa

As countries design climate change adaptation policies, it is important to understand how workers alter behavior in response to changes in temperature. Nonetheless, the impact of temperature on labor markets is poorly documented, especially in Africa. We…

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Multi-factor, multi-state, multi-model scenarios

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Reconciling food security and bioenergy

Understanding the complex interactions among food security, bioenergy sustainability, and resource management requires a focus on specific contextual problems and opportunities

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25 Years of Scaling Up: Nutrition and health interventions in Odisha, India

ODISHA, A STATE of 42 million people in eastern India, is one of the poorest in the country. It has faced many development challenges over the years, including insurgent movements, large pockets of extreme deprivation among scheduled tribe communities, social…

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Agriculture, WASH, and safety nets: Ethiopia’s multisector story

OVER THE PAST 25 years, Ethiopia has made remarkable headway in addressing the country’s nutrition situation. Despite ongoing challenges, significant progress has been made toward meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, including halving child…

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Local to National: Thailand’s Integrated Nutrition program

THAILAND REDUCED CHILD undernutrition by more than half within one decade—an achievement recognized by the nutrition community as one of the best examples of a successful national nutrition program. Underweight rates among children under five decreased from…

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From the ground up: Cultivating agriculture for nutrition

FEW SECTORS HAVE clearer links to nutrition than agriculture. Most simply, of course, agriculture is a source of food. Because many poor households around the world grow food that they both consume and sell for income, agricultural interventions can have a…

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Off to the best start: The importance of infant and young child feeding

IN RECENT YEARS, nutrition interventions have focused on the critical first 1,000 days of life (from pregnancy up to the child’s second birthday), a period which has been identified as a window of opportunity for preventing child morbidity and mortality and…