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North Arcot and the green revolution

North Arcot district which embraces the study region, lies in the northwest of Tamil Nadu state. It is a relatively densely populated region; in 1981 the population density was 357 persons per square kilometer of land. It is also a relatively poor…


The Green Revolution reconsidered

Agricultural growth is essential for fostering economic development and feeding growing populations in most developing countries. As land and water become increasingly scarce, this growth will depend more and more on yield-increasing technological…

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Changes in the provision and use of services in the North Arcot region

Successful agricultural development requires not only the development of physical infrastructure such as irrigation, electrification, and roads but also the increased provision of key services such as credit, transport, agroprocessing, marketing, and…


A 1991 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) For Zimbabwe

This dataset is a 1991 social accounting matrix (SAM) for Zimbabwe. On the basis of recently generated national accounts data, an 88 by 88 matrix was created that includes 36 activities; 27 commodities; 9 factors of production (4 labor, 3 capital, and…