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2016 Global Food Policy Report: Synopsis

The year 2015 was a watershed moment for the international development community. The endpoint of the Millennium Development Goals highlighted the striking advances made since 1990: extreme poverty, child mortality, and hunger all fell by around half. However…

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An integrated approach to maintaining cereal productivity under climate change

Wheat, rice, maize, pearl millet, and sorghum provide over half of the world's food calories. To maintain global food security, with the added challenge of climate change, there is an increasing need to exploit existing genetic variability and develop…

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Integrating gender into climate change adaptation programs

Research shows that paying attention to gender matters not only for the equity of climate change adaptation programs but also for their efficiency and effectiveness. Many organizations working to increase resilience to climate change with local communities…

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Global linkages among energy, food and water

"This paper assesses the implications of long-term changes in energy prices due to climate policy for water and food outcomes."

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Supplement to: Global and regional health effects of future food production under climate change: a modelling study

Supplementary appendix: This appendix formed part of the original submission and has been peer reviewed. We post it as supplied by the authors.  Funding: This study was made possible with support from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food and the…