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Survey data for mapping technology adoption in East and Central Africa

This dataset include survey instrument and data used in a collaborative technology adoption study conducted by the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) and IFPRI. The study aimed to track the…


CGIAR Scientometrics Data for 2000-2016

This data files includes full metadata records of 12,131 SCI-indexed journal articles authored by CGIAR scientists published between January 2000 to November 2016, retrieved from Web of Science by Thomson Reuters. With this data, co-authorships of…


Spatial Data for Development Domain Analysis in East and Central Africa

GIS dataset for constructing three-dimensional Development Domain for ASARECA's operation area in 12 East and Central Africa countries. Data layers of market accessibility, agricultural potential, and population density of 2010 at 5 arc-minute…

project paper

Localized public investment and agricultural performance in Malawi

Using panel data econometric techniques, this paper evaluates how public expenditure influences agricultural performance at the district level in Malawi by empirically estimating localized expenditure multipliers for the districts. The results of the…

discussion paper

Strengthening and harmonizing food policy systems to achieve food security

Understanding how various entities in a policy system at the national level can contribute to improved use of evidence in policy making. Yet little research has focused in developing countries on how various actors and players in a policy system work…