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Monitoring and evaluation to strengthen the performance of agricultural R&D

This chapter begins with a discussion of the performance monitoring challenge in African agricultural research with respect to monitoring change in smallholder agricultural systems, the time lag in agricultural research, the context for technology adoption…

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The role of impact assessment in evaluating agricultural R&D

The purpose of this chapter is to review experience with impact assessment of agricultural research in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA). The analysis emphasizes ex post assessment, but lessons for ex ante analysis and priority setting are also presented…

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African faculties of agriculture within an expanding university sector

This chapter identifies key challenges for universities and the higher-education sector in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) and, more specifically, explores trends in African faculties of agriculture and their impact on postgraduate training programs. Selected…

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Why do African countries underinvest in agricultural R&D?

The approach to the analysis presented in this chapter is to examine the political economy of underinvestment in agricultural R&D using a framework of the key drivers of public investment decisionmaking (Mogues 2015): (1) the attributability of investments…

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Unlocking Africa’s agricultural potential

This chapter presents an overview of the actions required to unlock the inherent potential of agricultural R&D