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project paper

Synopsis: Children’s diets, nutrition knowledge, and access to markets

Chronic undernutrition in Ethiopia is widespread and many children consume highly monotonous diets. To improve feeding practices in Ethiopia, a strong focus in nutrition programming has been placed on improving the nutrition knowledge of caregivers. In this…

discussion paper

Formal versus informal: Efficiency, inclusiveness, and financing of dairy value chains in India

Despite a growing dairy industry in India, farmers’ lack of access to organized markets and institutional credit remains one of the major hindrances in improving the scale and productivity of dairying. Using data from a survey of 612 households from the state…


Effects of import duty elimination on the EU Fertilizer Market

This report studies the current condition of competition in the European Union’s fertilizer market, and its impact on fertilizers prices. A review of literature shows that prices of fertilizers in Western European countries increased by 123% between 1970 and…

journal article

Global and regional health effects of future food production under climate change

One of the most important consequences of climate change could be its effects on agriculture. Although much research has focused on questions of food security, less has been devoted to assessing the wider health impacts of future changes in agricultural…

journal article

Gender, assets, and agricultural development

Lessons from eight projects on individual and household assets in seven countries in Africa and South Asia