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Synopsis: Seasonality and household diets in Ethiopia

The paper revisits seasonality by assessing how the quantity and quality of diets vary across agricultural seasons in rural and urban Ethiopia. Using unique nationally representative household level data for each month over one calendar year, we document…

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Appendix 7: Classifying food systems and diets

Figure A7.1 A logic model for food systems Figure A7.2 Dietary intake shares of 11 selected “healthy” and “unhealthy” foods, excluding staple foods Table A7.1 Detailed set of color-coded quartile patterns for the seven indicators used to create the five food…

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Fish to 2030: The role and opportunity for aquaculture

"Seafood sector can contribute to the global food supply in an important way, and provide an important source of animal protein. Based on observed regional trends in seafood production and consumption and using a global, partial-equilibrium, multi-market model…