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Experiences and prospects of genetically engineered crops

In 2015 there were an estimated 180 million hectares—or 445 million acres—planted to GE crops in 23 countries, representing roughly 12% of world’s total cropland. Almost all GE crops planted worldwide are corn, soybean, cotton and canola engineered to tolerate…

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Economic impact of refugees

The number of refugees displaced by civil conflict or natural disasters is on the rise.


Vers une meilleure nutrition dans le monde: Récits de changements nutritionnels: Synopsis

Сes dernières années, le monde a été témoin d’une attention et d’un engagement politique sans précédent à l’égard de la lutte contre la malnutrition. Des étapes clés comme le Mouvement pour le renforcement de la nutrition (SUN), la série The Lancet consacrée…


Hacia una mejor nutrición en el mundo: Historias de cambios nutricionales: Sinopsis

En los últimos años, el mundo ha dedicado una atención y un compromiso político sin precedentes para tratar la malnutrición. El Movimiento para el fomento de la nutritición (SUN), la serie sobre nutrición materno-infantil de la revista científica The Lancet y…

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Multi-factor, multi-state, multi-model scenarios

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Reconciling food security and bioenergy

Understanding the complex interactions among food security, bioenergy sustainability, and resource management requires a focus on specific contextual problems and opportunities

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Labor adaptation to climate variability in Eastern Africa

As countries design climate change adaptation policies, it is important to understand how workers alter behavior in response to changes in temperature. Nonetheless, the impact of temperature on labor markets is poorly documented, especially in Africa. We…