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School feeding and girls' enrolment

journal article Aulo Gelli School feeding and girls' enrolment Understanding the effects of alternative implementation modalities in low-income, food-insecure settings across Sub-Saharan Africa Topics Nutrition Poverty Social Protection Health


An analysis of household food demand in Bhutan

Changes in prices and income, due to shocks or economic growth and reform, influence the overall and food consumption levels of poor households. However, it is often not clear to what extent they are affected by these factors and what interventions might be…


Agricultural commercialization and diversification in Bhutan

Bhutan has shown good economic growth (9% annually) in the 9th Five-Year Plan (FYP) (2002-2007) and is further continuing on this growth path in the 10th FYP. As domestic incomes rise because of this growth, Bhutanese consumers are expected to shift their…


Agricultural trade in Bhutan: Patterns, trends; and economic impact

In spite of its remote and land-locked location, Bhutan has been relatively successful as an agricultural exporter. The value of agricultural exports has grown at an annual rate of almost 9% since 2000. Taking advantage of the cooler climate, Bhutan exports…


Food security and food self sufficiency in Bhutan

Food security is defined as “the access for all people at all times to enough food for a health, active life” (FAO, 1996). In contrast, food self-sufficiency is defined as being able to meet consumption needs (particularly for staple food crops) from own…

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The determinants of food insecurity in rural Malawi

project paper Tsitsi Makombe Paul Lewin Monica Fisher The determinants of food insecurity in rural Malawi Implications for agricultural policy 3 Topics Agriculture and Food Production Country Strategies Food Security Social Protection Resilience Policies and...